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The Most Popular Online Games

Back in the days when internet was new, slow and expensive, online gaming was one of the most common uses of the World Wide Web and up to this day it is still reigns as the most used. Online games are tremendously popular among children, adolescents and even to adults.

Today, you can choose from thousands and thousands of online games. Sounds,graphics, animations and everything about gaming evolved alongside with technology.This one of the reasons why most of the gamers are becoming addicts on playing,maybe the games are also designed to be very addictive.

Almost every games online are addictive, more and more people are drawn in gaming more especially adolescents to the extent that they neglect school, family, friends and even hygiene.

There are online games that are the most popular, some of the leading online games platform are the following.

Yahoo games:

Yahoo! Games has more than 430 online games including more than 100 arcade games, about 30 multi player games, variety of video games, card games, board games and more. For someone to be able to play in Yahoo! Games, one must have a Yahoo I.D. While many of Yahoo! Games are web games that can be played directly on the browse most of Yahoo! Download Games offer a free trial version and a possibility to play online with limited features.

MSN Games

MSN games is a big gaming portal that has both free online games, download games, messenger games and online games that can be played for cash. MSN games offers online games in selection of genres such as puzzles, trivia, card games, board games, arcade games, casino games and pop culture games. Any person can play at MSN games. But the catch is registered members can take part in multi player games and take pleasure in other benefits.


Miniclip is one of the leading and mainly the well-liked gaming portals in the world. Miniclip is a multilingual site available in ten languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Romania, Italian, Nihonggo and more. Miniclip has action games such as pool, chess, gin rummy, mahjong and more. All of Miniclip online games can be played directly in the web browser.


Pogo is an online gaming portal with hundreds and hundreds of free of charge web games and downloadable games including sport games, card games, action games, etc. Pogo in addition has one of the biggest gamers’ communities online with more than 100,000 players at max out time. Pogo also has about sixteen unique games. Pogo games also include free trial version with partial features.


OnlineGames offers almost 700 free online games and community forums. Some of OnlineGames exceptional features include selection of pinball games, lots of shooting games and retro games, examples of the games are Frogger, Minesweeper and Pacman. No registration is necessary; Flash/Shockwave or Java plugins are required for the download games.


How technology builds and destroys us

Have you ever wonder what and how life is without technology?  We must all admit, everyone relies on technology now.  Ever imagine living without your cell phones?  Or living without electricity?

Who amongst us is not thankful for our daily usage of today’s modern technology?  I sure am.  I can do many goods for us definitely.  This modern technology helps us to perform our daily tasks easier.  Life wouldn’t be as we know it if not because of these gadgets and modern tools.  Think of the ancient times and now take a look at how we live at the moment, more comfortable and at ease right?

We could go on all day enumerating the things technology is doing good for us but we have taken for granted the bad things that it do to us.  Now we are slowly noticing them now.  Machines uses up a lot of heat energy as a result we use fuel to contain this need.  In consequence it will then dispose wastes that are turned into smoke.  Smoke pollutes our air giving us unhealthy environment to breathe in, in return causes us to be unhealthy.  Mountainous areas are manufacturing sites now.  Rain forests are being endangered and so are the animals.  Mountains are bare because trees are cut to produce papers and furniture.

Vehicles may bring us to our destination faster but cars and ships or any other transporting vehicles adds to pollution, may it be water, land or air.  Plastic bags are everywhere, and how about radiations that emits from your cell phones, computers or microwaves?  They are harmful to your health.

They are sure help but the fact that it is destroying the environment and even our health is devastating.

Not to mention, it makes us lazy and dependent on machines.  Everything is instant now.  Even food is instant.  What nutrition can we still possibly get from them?

As the technology becomes more advance our tendency is too rely on them all too much and will turn out that all the jobs are taken away from people.

And how about the violence that comes along with technology?  The guns,
bombs, torpedoes, nuclear weapons and etc., or the violence the computer games are teaching all the youngsters?  This one can be pretty nasty, young girls posting naked on the internet, what is the world teaching them?

Technology attempted improve the length and quality of life in which it succeed but it also pave the way for more killings, domestic or health wise.  As much as we can enumerate all the bad warnings technology is doing for us like the good it has done for us.  We can do that but we can only grow tired of it and give up.  Weather pro or against, this is a warning, technology has its consequences.   Like Newton’s law of motion, “”.  A warning has been given to us yet we did not listen.

There is still hope, lets find it together.


South Korea Online Gaming Addiction Worsen

From the words itself, addiction, imagine how bad can possibly be? Like many other addiction like alcoholic addiction and drug addiction, gaming addiction is as serious. Many have lost their jobs, their spouses and even their lives for playing online games. They are literally living in the virtual world.

The new choice of evolved now in South Korea, instead of illegal drugs and pills, online games it is. Considering that many gamer deaths stem from exhaustion, deep-vein thrombosis, and other ways that can be prevented by standing up and moving around, gaming is considered to be Korea’s number one problem.

In late July, a 21-year-old online-gaming addict was found dead in his home in Inchon, South Korea. He’d played intensely since graduating from high school, rarely sleeping or leaving his room, according to family members. In 2005 a 28-year-old man collapsed and died from organ failure after playing for 50 hours straight. He had apparently just lost his job because of his online-gaming habit. Both incidents prime suspect is online gaming.

South Korean authorities think that these fatalities are part of a much larger national problem of gaming addiction. Studies showed that more than one in 10 Korean adolescents are at high risk for internet addiction and that one in 20 are already seriously addicted.

A gaming shutdown law is now being implemented in Korea where it aims to demolish the addiction. The idea is, the law would prevent underage gamers from playing online, whether via PC’s, handheld device or in “PC bangs” (gaming arcade) from midnight until 6am. This law is also known as the Cinderella Law. The minors would register their national identification number cards online before they can access the internet. The dilemma is they would probably use someone else’s ID so that they can play maybe of their mothers’ or other family members.

The country thought of another strategy to abolish the online game addiction or at least lessen it. “Cooling Off” system is introduced; this is to regulate the students of the amount of time they spend in playing online games within the 24 hours. Soon the video games addicts in South Korea will have limited hours to play online games. This is also to demolish or stamp out online bullying and to make action towards the escalating number of fatalities due to online game addiction, including suicide.

Cooling off will work like this, their games i\will be switch off after two hours, where they will be given ten minutes to rest, and then they can only log again in once for a maximum two hours in the following 24 hours.

The newest strategy of Korea is this new law where allow parents to communicate with online game providers and set time limits for their children’s online gaming. This comes as South Korea struggles to deal with rampant Internet addiction among young people in South Korea. And only shows how serious this online games addiction truly is. Online game addiction is not a laughing matter; it is as deadly as alcohol and drug addiction.



PopCap fires Plants vs Zombies creator; announces game sequel




PopCap has two important announcements this week: a sequel for its most popular game and staff layoffs.


It has announced the Plants vs. Zombies 2 launch will be on the spring of 2013 and promised new stuff in the game where you combat a horde of zombies by planting stuff.


“The sequel to Plants vs. Zombies is expected to launch by late spring 2013, and will include a bevy of new features, settings, and situations, designed to delight the franchise’s tens of millions of fans around the world,” according to PopCap.


However, it did not go into details about the platforms where it will be available. It was also unconfirmed if PopCap plans to make the sequel a separate game version or be an update to the current one.


PopCap, now a division of EA has released the following statements from two of its game characters regarding the sequel’s release:


“Spring is crullest curlie ungood time, and plantz grow dull roots. So, we are meating you for brainz at yore house. No worry to skedule schedlue plan… we’re freee anytime. We’ll find you.”


“There was a time we relished a bracing, hearty blend of zombies, in the morning. But first, a brisk shower and some strategic pruning are required. Tomorrow is near!”


On the other hand, PopCap offices are not in the mood to celebrate as it was announced on the same day that some of them are going to be laid off, which surprisingly includes the creator of their flagship game himself.


Senior game designer George Fan, the brain behind the smash hit game is confirmed to be included in the job cuts in PopCap offices in Ireland and Seattle.

PopCap asserts that reorganization is a must considering the fast-changing game market and that PopCap would do well to invest in new game platforms and expand its market further in Asia.


Apparently, if PopCap did not become part of EA, the job cuts could have been worse but choosing some other rip-off over Fan might be a mistake.


Ouya Brings Back TV Game Console

Ouya, a USD 99 TV game console project using Android 4.0 has made a stunning debut on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter — hitting a million dollar mark after just 8 hours.


The game console is slated for a March 2013 release and the team behind it promise that it will offer a flexible and open gaming environment that the market wants, which will bring back the good old days of console-TV gaming. As of now, the sleek silver and black cube along with its equally cool controller are just on their prototype stage.


Ouya founder Julie Uhrman said, “It’s ironic, all the growth in gaming is moving to mobile platforms, we’re seeing a lot of AAA developers leaving their console shops to go to mobile, yet three out of every four dollars is still spent in the living room, a majority of gaming time is still spent on the TV, and if you survey any gamer they’ll tell you their No. 1 platform is the TV.”


Ouya is now the fastest project in Kickstarter to reach the million dollar threshold in just 8 hours of going live. The team has initially hoped for USD 950,000 pledges in one month for the consoles to be produced. Support for the project has been huge that as of the time of this writing, barely 3 days of being online, the amount of pledges reached USD 4 million already.


“We never anticipated that it would blow up like this,” said the Ouya founder to Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games.


Hardware specs for the Ouya console include 8Gb of storage, 1Gb of RAM and NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor which could churn out decent 3D display at 1080 pixels. They don’t sound impressive and particularly powerful when compared to PS3 or Xbox but it’s a pretty good bargain considering the price tag.


And although it runs on Android, it should not be expected to be have complete touch-based interface. Ouya will have standard wireless controller that includes 8 action buttons, a D-pad, 2 analog sticks and a touchpad for gesture-based controls.


The most appealing thing is that developers could make games for Ouya minus any publishing, retail or licensing fees that usually come with creating a game. That’s because its OS is fully rootable and every console will come with a free SDK pre-loaded on it. In fact, Ouya even welcomes hackers to tinker with the system — something that could also backfire to other consumers who might become targets of fraud.


The only condition they require is for developers to have some of the gameplay for free.


“Our only requirement is that the gamer have the opportunity to play some aspect of it for free. We don’t like the idea that you pay $60 for a game and feel cheated. We want anybody to have the opportunity to try the game,” Uhrman said.


Still, Uhrman is of the opinion that major game publishers might also come on board because their console could give them easy access to an open digital distribution environment — all without reducing their games’ values.


The console will also reportedly support game-focused video streaming service,


Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games: Kompu Gacha Games Deem Illegal

Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency has decided that a system widely adopted by online game operators on SNS websites (social networking service) violates a law on sales methods.


In the said online games called complete gacha (kompu gacha), players could win a rare virtual item or a prize after he buys a specific number of items required.


The agency started the probe on the game services following complaints of extremely high payment charges on players of SNS sites like Mobage and Gree.


This gaming system was first introduced in online games by SNS last year. Kompu gacha is an advanced level of gacha where players can get rare items after collecting a specific combination of objects available in the games.


However, the gacha games have continuously been criticized for banking on the players’ gambling tendencies, especially then the specific item they will get is not known at the time of purchase, which makes it similar to a lottery.


The gacha game was supposedly inspired by vending machines that sell small toys inside capsules. But in this case, online players are buying virtual items for hundreds of yen, which they can use in the game, as opposed to physical, real ones.


Even though the games are basically free, users still have to pay for the Internet access and for items they want to have like virtual clothing or weapons in order to have more advantage in the game.


An association of 6 social game makers that include DeNA and Gree, Renraku Kyogikai might be asked by the agency to stop offering such kompu gacha games. Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games claims that the CAA is preparing to announce the said game practice as illegal and plans to notify the organization representing game makers that it must shut off all kompu gacha games.


But while kompu gacha is only one of the many revenue sources of these companies, investors appear anxious and are already pulling out. Social-gaming firms DeNA and Gree both suffered a 20% stock fall since the issue broke out.


The online mobile games market in the country is found to have a worth of USD 3.1 billion, with the kompu gacha type of games becoming the main source of profit for the site operators.


Continuous growth of gaming trends among the youth is a critical factor which brought the matter up as parents are filing complaints to the CAA after their bills skyrocketed from kompu gacha games. One middle school student accumulated almost USD 5,000 in charges in just one month while a primary school pupil has reportedly spent over USD 1,500 in just 3 days of playing.


Japan is not the only nation where children’s computer games are a growing concern. An example in the United States is the case filed against Smurf Village by parents of a kid who accumulated massive bills from app purchases.


Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games : Zynga launching own game website

Zynga is planning to launch a new gaming service that will enable users to play on their own website without logging in Facebook, possibly cutting traffic dramatically in the leading social network.


This move is the game firm’s boldest move to build their own online presence apart from Facebook, the source of 93% of their profit. Investor reactions seem to be generally positive as Zynga’s stocks rose by 10% to USD 14.48.


An analyst says the Zynga’s creation of their own web portal will certainly make them more independent which is good in maintaining a separate brand that is not always connected to Facebook. But considering that they are not really going to pull out of the Facebook setup, their earnings probably won’t suffer that much.


Their re-imagined web portal is planned to come live before the month ends, aiming to make it easier for users to play games. The game portal Zynga has envisioned also includes quick access to message boards and live chat where players can communicate.


Five of the leading games of the firm is set to debut on their new site,, that include Words with Friends, CityVille and CastleVille.


The chief operating officer of Zynga announced that players can choose opponents in games even if they are not friends on Facebook.


But according to Zynga, they simply do not want users to be limited to a single destination for them to be able to play. They can still choose if they want to play on the new Zynga website, on Facebook or on mobile.


Games from Electronic Arts and Zynga are a big reason why users are logged in Facebook for long periods of time.


Their website is set to offer third-party games along with Zynga games, live chat and profiles. Introducing a stand-alone site is a huge step away from Facebook where the gaming company has become viral.



Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games: Spacewar! remake after 50 years

MIT students celebrated the golden anniversary of Spacewar! — which is one of the first video games in history — by recreating it on a computer that can be handled on the palm of your hand.


Four students of MIT began creating the game Spacewar! during their free time in 1961 and finished it in February 1962. It was built on the Digital Equipment PDP-1, a computer unit around the size of an ordinary refrigerator. The game features two spaceships attempting to shoot each other down, with one of the spaceships under the control of the player.


Massachusetts’ engineering students showcased their work at the museum of MIT.  This process of turning a 50-year old game to a modern one is almost likened to digital archeology.


It must be difficult to port it into a modern programming language for it is very low-level considering the time it was created. In addition to that, it used a lot of tricks specific to the machine it was first built on due to the limitations they had on the software.


The students transferred the software to the Arduino platform, a microprocessor the size of handheld gadget.


The game was not really meant for commercial purposes but only for the enjoyment of the creators. In fact, majority of Americans barely had access to a PDP-1 at that time. During the 1970′s it became a commercial success when it appeared in arcade platforms and personal gaming consoles like the Atari 2600.


This anniversary of Spacewar! came amidst the most recent sales figures of video games in the American market this month that showed a decline of millions.


According to a consumer group, sales of video games went down by 34%, despite the USD 1.14 billion sales. This is compared to sales figures of January last year. The outlook seems to be even more worse for video game consoles, sustaining a fall of 38% in sales.


Most experts are thinking that this decrease in sales is only because of the low number of new game releases. But several games did sell well including Call of Duty, NBA 2K12 and Elder Scrolls.


Others are considering this fall as a weakness in the economy and a lack in spending power of the consumers.


At any rate, this does not bode good for the video game industry, led by Sony who plans to introduce the latest version of PlayStation in the coming weeks, called Vita.


This fall in January was also seen in the United Kingdom, another big market in terms of video games.


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